Business Trip to Pakistan

Our company had a business trip to Pakistan to visit a customer’s factory and we had an in-depth and pleasant conversation with their executives in June 5th, 2017. During the trip, our technical staff adjusted and showed the operation of the machines our customer bought. At the same time, he taught the company staff how to operate the machines and general knowledge of maintenance.

DCC Company has many branch offices with different kinds of businesses. This time, our company visited one of their factories which produce boxes. This factory produces boxes for their own products, at the same time, they sell these boxes to domestic and foreign markets.


During the visit, we introduced our company’s history, current situation, research and development and production capacity. Mr. Akhtar and Mr. Sufyan show their interests in our other products and hope to have further cooperation with us.

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Jinan City, Shandong Province, China

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