ADT-02 Lasting Adhesive Tester

ADT-02 Lasting Adhesive Tester is applicable in the lasting adhesive testing of pressure sensitive 

adhesive tapes, adhesive bandage(plaster), adhesive labels and protective films, etc.


      * Micro-computer control, LCD display;

      * Film keyboard; PVC operation board;

      * Automatic timing and lock;

      * Six-station design.



      Hang the panels covered by adhesive tapes onto the test shelf vertically, hang weight(s) on the low 

      end of the panel, the weight is specified. After a certain period, test the displacement of the specimen, 

      or test the time during which the specimen leave the panel totally to express the specimen ability to 

      remain adhered.



      Standard Roller:2,000g+50g

      Weight: 1000+10g(including the load panel)

      Test Panel:60 mm(L) x40 mm(B) x1.5 mm(D)

      Time Range: 0~100h (Standard)

                            0-10000h (Optional)

      Work Station Quantity: 6

      Dimensions:600 mm(L) x240 mm(B) x400 mm(H) 

      Power: AC 220V 50Hz

      Net Weight:20kg



      ASTM D3654, JIS Z0237

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