BST-01 Burst Strengh Tester

BST-01 Burst Strength Tester is the basic instrument to test the strength performance of paper and paperboard. It is a kind of international universal Mullen instrument. This instrument is easy to operate, have reliable performance, and advanced technology. It is an ideal testing equipment for scientific research units, paper mills, packaging industry, quality inspection department.



      * Computer control systerm, open architecture, highly automatic program.

      * High accuracy and convenience to operate.

      * Automatic measurement, Intelligent calculating functions.

      * Equipped with micro-printer, convenient to get the test result.

      * Mechatronics modern design concept, hydraulic system, compact structure, nice appearance, easy maintenance.

      * Self-developed software, having automatical measure, statistics, print test results, data save function.


      Measuring range: 10~6000Kpa

      Pressure between platen: >690 Kpa

      Transmit hydraulic volume: 170±15ml/ min

      Diaphragm resistance: Protruding 10mm, 170-220 Kpa; protruding 18mm, 250-350 Kpa

      Accuracy: 1grade (resolution: 0.1 Kpa)

      Value accuracy: ±0.5%F.S

      Hydraulic system leak: in the measurement of upper limit value, 1min pressure drop <10%Pmax

      Sample clip ring size: Upper and lower clamp ring aperture φ31.5±0.05mm

      Motor power: 90W

      Power: 220V±10% 50Hz

      Dimension: 530mm×360mm×550mm

      Weight: 75kg




      Mainframe, two spanners, one silicon oil, 4 rolls of printer paper, certificate of quality, operational manual, power line

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