FOT-01 Folding Tester

FOT-01 Folding Tester is designed according to relevant standards and adopts modern 

mechanical philosophy and computer processing technology. Folding tester complies with 

relevant standard. It is suitable to test fatigue strength of paper, paperboard and other sheet 

material, which thickness is less than 1mm.


      * Microcomputer control; high automaticity;

      * Data collection test and display are simultaneous;

      * Easy and convenient to use;

      * Return to zero automatically;

      * Precise servo motor control

      * Statistics and data store functions

      * High-speed micro-printer


      Measuring range:1~99999times

      Folding angle:135°±2°

      Folding speed:(175±10)time/min

      Tension adjust range:4.9N~14.7N

      Folding head specification:0.25mm、0.50mm、0.75mm、1.00mm

      Folding head width: 19±1mm

      Folding radius: R0.38mm±0.02mm

      Tension change of folding chuck rotating: ≤ 0.343N

      Power: AC220V±10% 50Hz

      Work environment: temperature0~40℃,relative humidity≤ 85%

      Gross weight: ≤ 21kg


      ISO 5626


      Mainframe,folding head 0.25 0.5 0.75 1.00,power line,operational manual

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