HST-02 Gradation Heat-Sealing Instrument

HST-02 Gradation heat sealing instrument can determine five groups of seal parameters at one time including heat seal temperature, time and pressure of plastic films, laminated films for flexible package, coating paper, and so on. Different melting point, heat stability, fluidness, and thickness of heat seal materials bring various heat seal properties and different seal technique parameters as well. With this instrument users can get the best heat seal parameters accurately and efficiently.



     * Micro-computer control, LCD display;

     * Manu interface, PVC operation board;

     * 5 pairs of specimens testable simultaneously;

     * P.I.D. temperature control system;

     * 6 heat seal heads, independent temperature control;

     * Underlying double cylinder simultaneous loop;

     * Two start modes of manual and foot pedal;

     * Anti-scald design;

     * Mini-printer;

     * RS 232 port.


     Heat Seal Temperature: room temperature~250ºC

     Dwell Pressure: 0.05 MPa~0.7MPa

     Dwell Time: 0.1s~999.9s

     Temperature Accuracy: ±0.2ºC

     Temperature Gradation: ≤20ºC

     Gas Supply Pressure: 0.05 MPa~0.7MPa (users provide gas sources themselves)

     Gas Inlet: Φ6mmpolyurethane pipe

     Seal Surface:40 mm×10 mm× 5pcs

     Power: AC 220V 50Hz


     ASTM F2029

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