LSD-02 Leak And Seal Strength Detector

LSD-02 Leak and Seal Strength Detector is applicable in the quantitative measurement of leak, 

heat seal strength, heat seal quality, and burst pressure of each heat seal edges of the flexible 

packages that are made using heat seal and adhesive processing, as well as sterilized packages; 

the quantitative measurement of leak performances of all kinds of plastic pilfer-proof closures; 

the quantitative measurement of the unitary airproof, compression resistance strength, cap body 

joint strength, cap disengaging strength, seal strength of edge and butting strength of various 

flexible tubes. It can also provide evaluation and analysis for the compression and burst resistance 

strength of the materials of flexible packaging bags, the torsional airproof index of cap, the cap 

joint and disengaging strength and the stress strength; as well as the airproof performances, the 

compression resistance performance and the burst resistance character of unitary bottle, etc.   


      * Micro-computer control, LCD display;

      * Manu interface, PVC operation board;

      * Positive pressure method;

      * Adjustable testing range;

      * Two testing modes: Expansion restraining and Expansion non-restraining;

      * Multi-testing methods of burst test, creep test and creep to failure test.

      * Automatic statistics;

      * Mini-printer;

      * RS232 port;


      Test Range: 0~250kPa; 0~36.3 psi (Rountine)

                          0~400kPa;0~58.0psi (Optional)

                          0~600kPa;0~87.0 psi (Optional)

                          0~1.6MPa;0~232.1psi (Optional)

      Gas Source Pressure: 0.4MPa~0.9MPa (Users provide gas sources themselves)

      Power: AC 220V 50Hz

      Net Weight:23kg


      ASTM F1140, ASTM F2054, ISO 11607


     Standard:mainframe, testing shelf, mini printer.

     Optional:Professional software, communication cables, testing accessories (restraining plate, test fixture 

     for open packages, test fixture for airproof of flexible tubes, test fixture for aerosol valves)


      1. LSD-02R Fixture for Closed Package Restraining Test

      1.1LSD-02R Fixture for Closed Package Restraining Testis applicable in the measurement of heat seal 

      strength, the quality of heat seal, the burst pressure and the seal-leakage character of each heat seal 

      edges of the flexible packages that are made using various kinds of heat seal techniques, as it is internally 

      pressurized and enclosed within restraining plates; Such as the packages and laminated packages of food 

      and medicines etc. Meanwhile, LSD-02R could also used to evaluate the compression and burst resistance 

      of the materials for flexible package bags. The limit height of restraining plate is designed in strict accordance 

      with the relevant standards, replace freely and operate easy. By adopting the LSD-02R, the load to each 

      part of the samples could be even and on the safe side. All the results including bursting pressure, leakage 

      quantities under force and creep tests could be displayed on LCD directly.

      1.2 Dimension of flexible packages:390mm×260mm

      1.3 Height of restraining settings:6.5mm,12.7mm,25.5mm

      Note: we supply customization.

      2. LSD-02P Fixture for Open Package Unrestrained Test

      2.1LSD-02P Fixture for Open Package Unrestrained Testis applicable in testing the heat seal techniques of variety 

      of flexible packaging bags with single open edge. Besides, it could also be used to evaluate the bursting strength, 

      leak character of the packages as well as the raw materials. Pneumatic clamping, convenient operations and high 

      accuracy. The results of bursting pressure, leakage index under pressure etc could be showed in LCD clearly.

      2.2 Maximum width of packages:300mm

      Note: we supply customization.

      3. LSD-02C Fixture for Plastic Pilfer-proof Closure Test

      3.1LSD-02C Fixture for Plastic Pilfer-proof Closure Testis applicable in the quantitative testing of airproof performance 

      for plastic pilfer-proof closures (with or without pressure). It could also give the analysis of the index between torque 

      and airproof, capsule disengaging strength, stress force of materials and the data of airproof, press resistance, burst 

      resistance for the whole bottles. Rapid clamping structure makes the operation easier and more convenient. Special 

      translucent design for the observing chamber lies the unitary notion, which generates three mainly advantages as 

      followed: first, easy to read the result. Second, keep safe for the whole testing process. Third, it is good for keep the 

      testing environment. Testing pressure, quantity of leakage etc could be showed on LCD directly as well as by observing 

      the bubbles in the translucent testing chamber.

      3.2 LSD-02C is applicable to the capsules with the diameter of thread is28mmand38mm.

      Note: we supply customization.

      4. LSD-02F Fixture for Flexible Tubes Test

      4.1. LSD-02F Fixture for Flexible Tubes Testis applicable to the quantitative testing of leak character, compression 

      resistance strength, capsule disengaging strength, cap body joint strength, seal resistance of sealing edge and the 

      butting strength of all kinds of flexible tubes. For example: medical polythene/ aluminum/ compound polythene 

      tubes/ aluminum medical tubes/ cosmetic flexible tubes. The operation of LSD-02F is easy and convenient, 

      short-period and high efficiency testing process. Bursting strength, quantity of leakage within unit time and other 

      relevant results could be showed on LCD directly, which is helpful for users to control the manufacturing index. 

      Many kinds of specifications and size are available. However, It could be manufactured by customers’ requests.

      Note: we supply customization.

      5. LSD-02A Fixture for Aerosol Valve Seal Performance

      5.1 LSD-02A Fixture for Aerosol Valve Seal Performance is applicable in the digital and quantitativemeasurement of 

      fluency, leak pressure, leak rate, seal performance, and pressure resistance strength of aerosol valves. It is a necessary 

      instrument for manufacture, application, logistics and inspection. At the same time, it can be applied in the packaging 

      crease, welding seal and leak testing of paint tins and pigment tins, etc. 

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