RUB-02 Rub Tester

RUB-02Rub Tester isapplicable in abrasion resistance test of printed materials, PS boards and 

coating layers of other products. It can effectively analyze the abrasion resistance, ink layer 

fastness and the coating rigidness of other products.


      * Minico-mputer control, LCD display;

      * Manu interface, PVC operation menu;

      * Applicable in dry or wet rubbing or scuffing, wet bleed, transfer, wet smear and functional tests.

      * Arc moving model;

      * Double testing station;

      * Four testing speed;

      * Memory when power failure;

      * Buzzer alarm.


      Rubbing Pressure: 8.9N (2lb), 17.8N (4lb)

      Rubbing Speed: 21, 42, 85,106cpm

      Rubbing Motion: to-and-fro arc motion 

      Rubbing Times: 0~999,999

      No. of Specimens: 1~2 pieces

      Power: AC 220V  50Hz

      Net weight:40 kg


      ASTM D5264, TAPPI T830


      Standard:Mainframe, test block 8.9N (2lb), test block 17.8N (4lb), rubbing pad

      Optional:Non-standard test block

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