TGT-01 Tearing Tester

TGT-01 Tearing Tester is applicable in the tearing test of films, sheets, flexible PVC, PVDC, waterproof 

films, woven materials, polypropylene, polyester, paper, cardboard, textile and non-woven, etc.


      * Automatic and electronic measurement;

      * Pneumatic specimen clamping and pendulum releasing;

      * Rapid force range selection;

      * Multiple capacities of pendulum;

      * Multi-testing units;

      * RS232 interface;


      Lift the pendulum up to certain height, enable it to have a certain potential energy, pendulum tears 

      the specimen while swinging down, computer calculates the decreasing energy caused by tearing so 

      as to obtain the needed force for tearing.


      Pendulum Capacities: 200gf, (400gf, 800gf, 1600gf, 3200gf, 6400gf)

      Gas Source Pressure: 0.6MPa (users provide gas source themselves)

      Gas Inlet: Ф4mmpolyurethane pipe

      Dimensions:480mm(L) x380 mm(B) x560mm(H)

      Power: AC 220V 50Hz

      Net weight: 23.5kg


      ASTM D1922, ASTM D1424, ASTM D689, TAPPI T414, ISO 6383, ISO 1974


      Standard:Mainframe, one basic pendulum, one augmenting weight, one check weight, communication cable, software


      Basic pendulum: 200gf, 1600gf

      Augmenting weight: 400gf , 800gf ,3200gf ,6400gf

      Check weight: 200gf, 400gf, 800gf, 1600gf, 3200gf, 6400gf, and sampling knife.

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