HST-01A Heat Seal Tester

HST-01A Heat Seal Tester seals the specimen to determine the seal parameters of basic film, laminate...MORE

HAM-02 Haze Meter

HAM-02 Haze Meter is a kind of small hazer meter designed according to ASTM D1003—61(1997). It is...MORE

FOT-01 Folding Tester

FOT-01 Folding Tester is designed according to relevant standards and adopts modern mechanical philo...MORE

FDI-01 Falling Dart Impact Tes...

FDI-01 Falling Dart Impact Tester is applicable in the impact result and energy measurement of the f...MORE

CRT-01 Crush Tester

CRT-01 Crush Tester is a high accuracy and intelligent instrument, designed according relevant stand...MORE

COF-02 Coefficient Of Friction...

COF-02 Coefficient of Friction Tester is applicable in static and kinetic coefficient of friction te...MORE
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